Bulgarian Tour of ‘Est-Ouest’, Cultural exchange: Interconnectivity between folklore and contemporary art creation in Canada and Bulgaria.

September 23rd – October 5th, 2019

Performed by: Ensemble Silakbo, with generous support from the Canada Council for the Arts.

Adam Vincent Clarke (b.1992) is a Belgium based composer, from Canada to Germany to Belgium, he is a vagabond of Canada’s East Coast. Adam composes for ensembles, soloists, for ballet & contemporary dancers alike from around North America to Europe and beyond. Adam is currently a composer-in-residence at Troubleyn/Jan Fabre.

Highlights include the piece ‘Y Tú’ (2018), a 17-minute journey composed for Daniel Domenech & the Ballet of Flanders, and their up-coming 2019 creation, again for the Royal Ballet of Flanders & cellist Mikko Pablo. ‘MOIRA: Ode To a Life of Failure, a Tanztheaterstück in three acts (80’). ‘Three Memories’ released by the Four Aces Guitar Quartet in 2016 through Antarctica Records provided Adam with his start in Europe & the position of composer-in-residence with Ensemble Silakbo who regularly tour and perform Adam’s works including ‘Untitled for Vagabonds and Orchestra’ (2019) with Antwerp Symphony Orchestra, Still Life: Quartet (2018), and ‘Est-Ouest’ (2019).

Since 2019, Adam (composer) presented alongside Floris Van der Veken (director), & Laura Walravens (Choreo – Royal Ballet of Flanders) the three-act dance-theatre work ‘MOIRA: Ode to a Life of Failure’. Adam is creating a new work for dance-theatre with Lore Borremans ‘Contr(a/o)vers(e/u)s’ premiering August 7th in AQAF, with generous support of Troubelyn/Jan Fabre.

Adam’s work ‘Est-Ouest’ (Bulgarian & Canadian tours) is generously funded in part by the Canada Council for the Arts.

Adam now works out of Antwerpen, Belgium

He began his musical explorations on the bagpipes in his home of Nova Scotia, and completed his bachelor of music composition under the tutelage of Derek Charke & Dinuk Wijeratne, having also studied guitar with Eugene Cormier. In 2018 he completed his Masters Degree in Composition with Wim Henderickx – with a thesis focusing on the cross-general principals between solo cello repertoire and heavy metal music.

“…rich in sound, always surprising with new harmonies. It never becomes descriptive in an easy way but opens the imagination of the listener, only suggesting him the outline of an image, even some details that you had in mind while composing. I think that’s characteristic for real composers: they can freeze a poetic image in sound. They do more than just writing a nice tune: they paint”.

Marc van Rompaey, Radio Klara Belgium (2017)

“We have grown very fond of the Three Memories (2016). It’s a piece that’s satisfyingly engaging for us as performers, right from the start when you’re invited to search for interesting new sounds, to the moment where seemingly complex rhythms become a catchy groove. Along the way you discover beautiful melodies, frivolous or cantabile, sometimes both. You discover harmonies that are rich and well-structured.

Clarke also succeeds very well in creating a unique atmosphere for each Memory, immersing the listener in a new but somehow familiar aesthetic.

We played this piece in concerts for about a year now; and we find many people approaching us and explaining how much they enjoyed the piece, remarkably almost always for different reasons. All this ensures that we will definitely keep on playing the Three Memories, and have great fun doing so.”

Menno Buggenhout - The Four Aces Guitar Quartet - 2017

Modal and neo-classical in nature. Familiar melodies blanketed in additive rhythms, distant Celtic under-tones, and an aggressive beauty.

Stylistic Flavour